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Consistently provide a level of service that exceeds customer expectations while maintaining a clean and healthy work place throughout the Tuscaloosa and surrounding communities.

Path Light Cleaning business has deep roots in Tuscaloosa. We are the off-spring of a life-long female resident whose path to independence would lead her to light, Path Light Cleaning, LLC.

A little more than three years ago and with little more than a will to make a good living and provide for her children, the ideal of a cleaning service was a compelling though for a young Tuscaloosa County woman. Moving swiftly and with just a broom, mop, bucket and a few other basic cleaning supplies, her journey down a path that led her to light began.

Sherenthia is quick to share her story about how the loss of a grandmother who had raised her, her “rock,” catapulted her to seek independence through cleaning houses. She started with just three families. Today, they are still her customers. And she is quick to tell you that much of her success is because of their support, trust and her steadfast commitment to delivering quality service every hour of every day with every project, big or small.

Path Light Cleaning commits to every cleaning job with 100 percent-plus dedication. We promise to sustain an environment that reflects a business that is a staple of the community.

Path Light provide residential and commercial cleaning, new construction, and janitorial services to a host of clients. And, our well-trained, professional, and reliable team is trusted by individuals, business and industry leaders for our quality service and customer satisfaction.

As a child growing up under the village concept, I heard many sayings. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” “I once was blind but now I see.” Of course, like most young people, I was invincible and such talk had little meaning to me.

Today, both saying have very special meaning to me. I am older…wiser and can see…and because my grandma taught me how to clean, I have been commissioned to tell you that, “Cleanliness is Next to Godliness.”  Cleaning would later become my moral compass… my invisible guide to independence. After grandma left me, I chose the path that led me to the light, cleaning.